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 Social Media Management:Social Media Marketing services for all businesses Chaturanga Marketing is a social media management company. We provide social media services, search engine services, website design services and grape design services and other services. We manage to create and manage social media campaigns for business.Our company Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram manage your social media network. We use relevant social media marketing services to help businesses grow and meet their goals.


Facebook Marketing Services:

With 2 billion monthly active users, you are guaranteed to reach your favorite viewers through Facebook. Use the leading social media platform to grow your business.

The first step will be to discover the beginning of your Facebook management campaign. Our Facebook management specialists can learn more about your business through a brief questionnaire, kick-off call and independent research.Our Facebook experts will use the discovery information in a plan development to help you reach your goals. The type of post we will post, how to attract followers, and how we will increase the intensity of your account. Because we are a full-service organization, we are able to provide additional services to increase the success of our Facebook management services. For example, we offer blogging services, which can be posted on your Facebook page to increase referral traffic.

If you need more advanced graphics, we also offer graphic design services to improve your page. Whether you need content management, graphic design, or other management of additional social media platforms, we have your back.

Key Metrics: Facebook Marketing

The goal of our Facebook management services is to increase awareness of your business. We achieved this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing Facebook fans
  2. Increasing Facebook engagement
  3. Increasing Facebook reach and brand recognition
  4. Increasing organic website traffic from Facebook referrals
  5. Providing exceptional customer service to existing customers
Twitter Marketing Services:

Increase brand recognition through Twitter. Twitter has over 330 million users and is used by all ages, from 18-64. Build trust and relationships through a trusted platform.

Twitter is known for being a platform that is used by celebrities to update the public about their lives, but Twitter is also an amazing platform for businesses to connect with their current and potential clients. Twitter has over 330 million monthly users, providing a large pool of people for businesses to connect with. 

It is impossible to be successful at Twitter without a strategy, and sadly many companies start tweeting on your behalf without a game plan. We take time to get to know each client, and develop a specific plan for your business to help you accomplish your goals. You will know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, making Twitter marketing more valuable to your company.

Key Metrics: Twitter Marketing

The goal of our Twitter marketing services is to increase awareness for your business. We accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing Twitter Followers
  2. Increasing Twitter Favorites
  3. Increasing Twitter Reach and Impressions
  4. Increasing organic website traffic from Twitter marketing
  5. Providing exceptional customer service to existing customers
LinkedIn Marketing

Services Reach 500 million decision-makers and professionals through the most popular social media platform for business owners. Most visitors to LinkedIn are educated colleges and over 25 years of age. LinkedIn is one of the most professional networks with more than 500 million users. LinkedIn has opportunities for businesses to create professional links and share driving traffic by sharing interesting content. Sharing content like blogs gives your potential customers another way to communicate with your brand in a non-promotional way. Posting and adding value to your links is on their mind when your brand is ready to buy. LinkedIn is often used by B2B companies to reach business decision makers. Population indicates that it is the best platform to reach them. LinkedIn users have more than 50% of a college education. About half of the LinkedIn user is $ 75,000 / year. And most importantly, LinkedIn users usually use the platform to find new professional opportunities.

Key Metrics: Linkedin Marketing

Our LinkedIn Marketing Services goal is to raise awareness for your business. We achieved this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing LinkedIn Engagement
  2. Increasing Traffic from LinkedIn
  3. Increasing LinkedIn Followers and Connections
  4. Increasing LinkedIn Post Frequency
  5. Providing exceptional customer service to existing customers
Instagram Marketing Services:

A picture is saying a thousand words. Use one of the most compelling social media platforms that use 60% more people to discover new products. Start building your audience today.

A picture is saying a thousand words. It’s an age old that still stands true today. The images shared on your business in Instagram will make most people’s opinions about your business. Your customers want to see daily updates from you and behind the scene scenes. They want to look inside your brand personality.

Instagram is a high-engagement social media platform that has 59% Internet users view. Among these users, most small demographics are most often associated with social media. It has been shown in the study that 60% of people use Instagram to find out the platform where they discovered new products. Instagram marketing can put your business in a way that gives more brand awareness, followers, affiliates and customers.

Every month, you’ll receive a monthly Instagram report that shows your followers growth, connection growth, and other metrics of interest. Our Instagram marketing experts will need to analyze your report and make adaptations to adapt your promotion. Your Instagram reporting software will have 24/7 access to view your campaign anytime.

Key Metrics: Instagram Marketing:

The goal of our Instagram marketing services is to increase awareness for your business. We accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing Instagram Followers
  2. Increasing Instagram Likes and Comments
  3. Increasing Instagram Reach and Impressions
  4. Increasing organic website traffic from Instagram marketing
  5. Providing exceptional customer service to existing customers
Pinterest Marketing Services:

Use the best social media platform for businesses that sell consumer goods. Reach 400 million users and an audience that is primarily middle-income women. Pinterest holds your future customers in the hands of You will be present on the platform with a strong Social Media campaign. Pinterest users scroll through Pinterest for shopping or planning future purchases. You want to make sure to see your brand’s products or services in their feed. Pinterest Ecommerce retailer is especially important Pinterest all retail website referral traffic is practically 25% drive. It is your 25% potential customers that if you do not apply any Pinterest management strategy you are missing.

Business Management is a great way for B2C companies to reach customers. Most users enjoy the Pinterest search feature for specific searches. For one of our clients in the beauty industry, we help to increase their Pinterest shareholding by 398%.We do this by using propagated pins to find their Pinterest content, use attractive media, and increase the reach of our pins. To learn more about how you can use Pinterest marketing services to grow your business, contact us and schedule time to chat.

While making the necessary changes to improve your Pinterest strategy, we look at the results and the last step in analyzing your Pinterest management reports. Our specialists give you a full report relay of your Pinterest management growth every month, so you always know where your business stands in your campaign.

Key Metrics: Pinterest Management

The goal of our Pinterest Management Services is to increase awareness for your business. We accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing Pinterest Impressions and Reach
  2. Increasing Pinterest Saves, Repins, and Comments
  3. Increasing Pinterest Followers
  4. Increasing Website Referrals from Pinterest
  5. Building Trust and Influencing Sales from Pinterest