Graphics Design & Print Media

Graphic design & Print Media:

Focusing on the quality of your product promotion is the main purpose of our designers.

The quality design of professional products is prepared. Graphic design refers to the format, text, and images used to create a visual design that is suitable for sale, brand, and products and services. But you need to know how to present it. Where we come up with fresh ideas for helping you to come to a point of working and design satisfaction for you. We offer graphic designs such as logos, brochures, magazines, ads for displaying online or print trade shows, web banners, illustrations and photos / photo graphic designs, corporate graphic designs, colored graphic designs, brand promotion graphic design services, advertising consultancy & creative ideas design And customized graphic design services. Our goal is to provide your business with a unique and professional look. We are committed to giving personal attention to your actual requirements. Therefore, Chaturanga provides the best graphic design services in Bangladesh. Our graphics experts or graphic designers can create worldwide designs for you. Our graphics will create a positive impression for your clients. Our effective branding is the most powerful weapon for your target consumers. We have the best graphics designers in Bangladesh who can understand your needs and objectives and create the best designs for you.


 It is fully composed by text only.


Graphics logos and text elements are fully compiled.


 Perhaps the logo includes both the most common type of image and text. This logo may include the full name of the company or the abbreviation. The images and text belong together.


There will be such a slogan along with the logo. We’ve provided logos, now it’s your choice to choose the best of your company. We have good trained logo designers in Chaturanga. You express our ideas and clearly want our designer to help our designers come out of their insights, training and experience and provide the ultimate product on the prospect. Keep your logo design simple and it means something about your business, and you’ll be on the right track.

Corporate Branding Services

Chaturanga helps you to gain unique brand identity through our corporate branding services.

How are the different brands of Chaturanga providing corporate branding services?

We understand that competition is being robust day by day and so, to attract your new customers and carry existing clients, you need a complete business identity. We have the ability to reproduce our entire brand identity and ideal by creating a strong impact among viewers through our logo design.The chaturanga design brand logo is an expert who innovative & holds holds memory of visitors to the website. With our corporate branding services you can achieve 100% reliability among your customers. We comply with the highly scalable results of quality, transparency, realistic value.

Why is Branding Important?

Do not know how to be the most startle and small business brand. They keep a random logo on T-shirts and business cards and consider themselves a brand.However, branding is about the feeling when they face it. It’s about making a meaningful connection with your visitors. Make your opinion about your brand within the first 3 seconds of your potential customers interacting with it. They judge your brand’s logo, your design and your content. They will determine the results of whether they depend on your business. People buy from their choice and trust brand. 91% of consumers report they are likely to buy from a brand of their faith. The best marketing effort in poor branding will fail. With the Internet, there are many options to choose from to your customers. Why should they choose your business? Great branding will help you to stand out from the competition, to believe and ultimately run more sales for your business.

 Build A Brand That You Love.  

After editing, we are sending the final file for your project. We will include several different sizes and color options depending on your project. For example, for logo design, we usually create a black / white / color version of each logo. This gives you more options and the line later uses the same for your logo. At the end of our process, you are starting to build the brand that you are proud of.

Our Branding Best Practices

We believe that the key to successful branding of a company is that we work by some principles.

  1. Win the continuity. The main part of a brand construction is to adjust. For example, colors and fonts must be complementary.
  1. Customer Target. Think about what you’re going after and build based on what’s related to those colors. Do not try to see just cold.
  1. Imagery Matters. Remember this with your logo content and product photos so the old story goes “a picture is called a thousand words”.

Book Covers & Magazines Design

Here we discuss printed or members directory cover pages and an integrated newsletter or archives by analyzing and analyzing articles, stories, top class design solutions: cover designs, page layouts, magazines / just press a few print adverts press. Club Members’ Directory, Annual Report, Catalogs, Brochure, Calendar and Publication Design and Production: Producing literature in both print and eBook form that maintains your high standards and brand consistency.


Here we find panels for visual display for ads in public place such as along the highway or along the side of the house or inside the indoor outdoor and indoor. From a wide range of designs, we offer quality recommendations that speak well to the public; we keep the message up to date with the appropriate ways that we understand our clients.

Posters and Banners Designing

is the most powerful to is of advertisement whether online or offline, they are the most effective means of communication tools as they are highly accessible to wide range of audience. We at Chaturanga we have best graphic designers and illustrators that why we are the best graphic designing company in Bangladesh. We have the expertise to design banners and posters and other promotional material, we emphasize that the design of posters and banners should be such that interactive and color schemes should go with the theme’s theme, the text should be specific and short.

Website Banner Designing

is also part of it essentially poster and banner and with our service you can easily match your identity and specifications.

  • Skills:
    • Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator
    • Typography, Calligraphy, Color Sense
    • Branding Designing and Print set
  • Designing Services:
    • Banners and Posters for Printing
    • Banners and Posters for Events
    • Banners and Posters for social media and websites.
    • Corporate office posters
    • Corporate or product posters
    • Poster as gift
    • Hoarding Design, Event Backdrop, Flex and Digital Prints
    • Danglers, Signage and Motivational Posters


Vehicle branding reaches thousands of people every day and both high impact and expensive ways to promote your company’s brand and products / services.

We Brand:-

Pick-ups, Lorries, Vans, Buses, Cars



The process of creating stains on a fake screen using screen printing is shirking ink with shirt or dress weight and mess. Screen printed shirt, baby T, T shirt, jacket, hat, hat, pants sweatshirts, jersey, uniform and bag combine 100% and 50-50 cotton multiples. We are a professional screening and corporate clothing embroidery clothing decoration. Are you a retailer who wants to retail or re-sell a complete product line? The company’s team is available, your high quality silkscreen promotional items for schools, businesses or sports. We specialize in silk-screening custom design, Clothing and Textile Design Logo. Customized embroidery cap, polo, jacket and polyester look great looks that you can not print the screen. 3D embroidered hat looks fun and great. With embroidery you can make monogram towels and dresses.


We are happy to be able to offer all shirt prints now. Personalized shirt designs can be made from the collar hem, and printed from the slit and printed slowly. All shirt designs allow you to use your full dress to get messages across. All shirts industry is affordable to all clients and you finally have a great looking shirt. Many companies offer all the prints to shirts, but we do not! Start your order to contact us today.


Need to print your promotional product, pen, umbrella, cup, key chain or flip flop with your company’s name, picture, or logo, promotional items? Hundreds of promotional items we can brand them right now. 

Publishing Services 

Electronic publishing or e-publishing is the development of digital libraries and catalogs from digital products and hard copies or soft copies of e-books & electronic articles and Club Members Directory. Electronic publishing has become commonplace in scientific publication, where it has been found that the process of reviewing scientific journals replaced by electronic publication is underway. We make it faster to unlock gifted, relatively skilled, specialized specialist experts to collect, create and convert critical information to your business, and to implement it and to unlock new revenue increase as the content of your organization’s empowering organization.